About Dr. Ann Covalt, LAc

A graduate of Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in New York City, Dr. Ann Covalt received training in several different styles of Oriental Medicine, including Chinese, Japanese and Korean acupuncture, Chinese herbology, Qi Gong, Tui Na and dietary therapy. She incorporates other modalities, such as cupping and moxa (moxibustion), into her treatments on an as needed basis.

Dr. Ann Covalt, Licensed Acupuncturist Nyack NYA board certified acupuncturist by the National Certification Commission on Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM), Dr. Ann's approach to healing is rooted in compassion, love and understanding for your medical needs as well as your desire to improve your condition using natural, alternative means.

What makes Dr. Ann truly unique as a holistic health practitioner is her keen intuition for her patients' needs on an emotional, spiritual and healing level. Read more about the Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) she practices with some patients in order to help them achieve happiness, prosperity, healthy relationships and more. Ann is also highly skilled in the martial arts.

NCCAOM - National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine