Acupuncture for Emphysema and COPD

By Robert J Green, Jr., ND

The recognition and acceptance that acupuncture now enjoys in America can all be credited to acupuncture's consistent effectiveness. In particular as it pertains to COPD, there is enough clinical evidence to warrant the use of acupuncture in COPD. Acupuncture has been clinically shown to reduce shortness of breath, improve one's ability to walk, and to improve pulmonary functions testing, to include FEV, RV, and TLC. The use of acupuncture in COPD also contributes to a significant overall improvement in quality of life. In some instances, acupuncture may even help to improve one's condition enough such that pharmaceutical medications may either be lessened or possibly eliminated altogether.

It is encouraging to know that over the last two decades since the American public began to undergo a paradigm shift in their perceptions towards healthcare and began to embrace natural approaches to maintaining their health, the medicinal use of herbs has experienced a tremendous renaissance that is still flourishing to this day. The paradigm shift that has been occurring across America has been not only driven by a culminating dissatisfaction with the conventional healthcare system�s limitations to effectively address the myriad of health issues that confront a significant portion of the American population, but also because America has slowly and steadily become aware that the true key to addressing chronic disease lies in embracing and applying the principles and methods of natural medicine and the natural approaches to health and living. The vast majority of the American public has now come to realize that natural medicine is a very viable means by which to improve their health, and the number of skeptics within the conventional healthcare system toward the use of medicinal herbs is rapidly diminishing.

NCCAOM - National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine