Testimonials for Dr. Ann Covalt

"I originally began seeing Ann about a year ago to treat a physical injury � heal spurs induced from long distance running � and emotional injuries � thanks to a variety of toxic people and things in my life. Between Ann's weekly acupuncture treatments and her customized prescriptions made from Chinese herbs, I can honestly say that I feel like a new and improved ME. I continue to see Ann on a regular basis to recalibrate my body and maintain a sense of balance and harmony given my hectic lifestyle. I couldn�t imagine my life without her; she has dramatically changed my mind, body and soul for the better. - C. Janssen, New York

"In 1989 I was involved in a serious auto accident and incurred 5 herniated discs in my lower back. For 14 years I have been reminded daily of what happened by the pain in my back. I have tried many things including excercise, medication, etc., but nothing seemed to really help. Finally, I decided to try acupuncture, as I had heard about it and knew people who had tried it, but had not experienced it for myself. Six months after being treated by Dr. Ann Covalt, the results have been excellent. The amount of pain in my back has lessened tremendously, and I am thrilled! Dr. Covalt is gentle in her approach. She is funny, upbeat, and makes her patients feel relaxed and confident. I am going to continue treatment, as I find it to be the one thing that has much-improved my pain!" - V. Yaker, New York

"I first tried acupuncture because I heard that it was a holistic way to reduce stress and improve overall well-being. I began seeing Dr. Ann Covalt about a year ago, and she treated me for stress and blood deficiency. I was so pleased with the results... I started feeling more energetic and less stressed in a matter of weeks! Then, in December 2004, I was involved in an auto accident, and Ann has helped me tremendously with acute acupuncture, raw herbs and real concern. She even called every few days just to see how I was doing. Ann is what all doctors should aspire to be � professional, knowledgable, and extremely caring!"
- K. Campbell, New York

"I have always been impressed with Dr. Covalt's compassion, enthusiasm and professionalism. As a long-time sufferer of allergies, I had been prone to frequent upper respiratory infections my entire life. In my late 20's, the stress of work and my living environment on these allergies led to ever increasingly frequent bouts of bronchitis. I quit smoking, changed my diet, changed jobs --did all the right things, yet still I was ill more often than not. By age 32, I would cycle out of recovery from bronchitis into being sick within two weeks. I never felt totally well. After a visit to the emergency room with severe pneumonia-related symptoms at age 34, I was finally given a full diagnostic by the hospital. Although x-rays showed my lungs to be clear, CAT scans revealed long-term damage in my sinuses, for which my PCP said that surgery was the only option to a cure. Around that time, I spoke to Ann, who strongly insisted that I come see her before allowing the procedure. On my first examination, she pinpointed the underlying problem that had beencausing repeat infections. She explained how the monthly use of anti-biotics had weakened my immune system, and had given me a yeast/fungal infection in my sinuses. We met weekly for the next six months, and I received acupuncture, herbal remedies and the occasional cupping treatment. We also talked over some of the issues that put stress on my health and devised a plan to solve them. In the past two years since concluding my regular treatments, I have only had four colds, none of which resulted in bronchitis. I don't require surgery on my sinuses, and all traces of my former health problems have been erased. I owe Dr. Ann Covalt a great debt of gratitude for insisting that I try non-western methods before resorting to surgery. I would happily recommend her services to anyone seeking to improve their health and/or reduce their stress. - J. R. Balk, New York

NCCAOM - National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine